Expert Panel for Sustainable Development – brings science closer to the society

The new Expert Panel for Sustainable Development started its work to help make the voice of science better heard in society. Learn more about our work and us!

The new Expert Panel for Sustainable Development 2023-2025 is nominated


The new Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development has been nominated for the season 2023-2025. From the start of the year 2023 the panel works in connection with the Prime Minister’s Office. A new general secretary will be recruited for the panel during the spring 2023, and HELSUS, Luke and SYKE will still be part of the coordination during the transition year 2023. Read more here.

Finland needs a new positive vision of the future – it is possible to achieve a sustainable lifestyle together


Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development puts forward 28 fresh recommendations, which can help us change our society to be more sustainable. Transformation into a more sustainable future is not about giving up, rather, it is about moving towards a new, more comfortable, smoother, and more meaningful life. Read more here.

Three cures for climate crisis: knowledge, skills and shared energy


In this blog, Tiina and Antti Herlin Foundation expresses a vision of how to respond to the complex climate crisis. We need to broadly motivate different sectors of society and people living their lives under different circumstances. The foundation is one of the supporters of the EEAC Network’s 30th anniversary conference, the aim of which is to evaluate the critical actions on how we can leap to a sustainable future.  Read more here.

The Expert Panel on Sustainable Development releases a toolkit to promote sustainable systemic transformation in Finland


The Global Sustainable Development Report shows that we are heading towards the sustainable development goals of Agenda 2030, but much too slowly. Inequality, climate change, decreasing biodiversity, and growing waste volumes – these phenomena are affected by several interconnected factors. The Finnish Expert Panel on Sustainable Development has published recommendations that focus more closely on what these interlinkages mean in the Finnish context and what actions…

Global Sustainable Development Report was released in September – Expert Panel for Sustainable Development is analyzing, how we should focus our actions in Finland


The panel is using the approach of the GSDR report and analyzing how the actions should be focused in Finland. They will be publishing a policy brief in January 2020. In the report they will be defining the most promising means to achieve sustainable change…