The new Finnish Expert Panel for Sustainable Development has been nominated for the season 2023-2025. From the start of the year 2023 the panel works in connection with the Prime Minister’s Office. A new general secretary will be recruited for the panel during the spring 2023, and HELSUS, Luke and SYKE will still be part of the coordination during the transition year 2023.

The new members of the panel are:

Aarikka-Stenroos, Leena, University of Tampere

Halme, Minna, Aalto University

Iho, Antti, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Jaakkola, Jouni, University of Oulu

Kaljonen, Minna, Finnish Environment Institute

Kinnunen, Päivi, Technical Research Centre of Finland

Linnanen, Lassi, Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology

Mönkkönen, Mikko, University of Jyväskylä

Ratinen, Ilkka, University of Lapland

Salonen, Arto, University of Eastern Finland

Siivonen, Katriina, Finland Futures Research Centre – University of Turku

Soini, Katriina, Natural Resources Institute Finland

Soininen, Niko, University of Eastern Finland

Teperi, Anna-Maria, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Toivanen, Reetta, University of Helsinki

The chair of the panel is Lassi Linnanen, a professor of Environmental Economics and Environmental Management, who was a vice chair in the previous panel.

The selection process of the panel

The new multidisciplinary independent panel consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds relating to sustainability. Universities and research institutes were invited to nominate candidates for the new panel. There were over 40 nominees and the selection was done carefully taking into consideration multiple perspectives such as one’s activity in scientific networks and societal influence, not forgetting having as diverse and well-balanced group of professionals from different regions of Finland. To secure the continuity of the panel there were selected panelists from the previous season 2019-2022 as well.

The vice president of the University of Helsinki Tom Böhling, the director of Finnish Environment Institute Leif Schulman and the director of Natural Resources Institute Finland Johanna Buchert accepted the proposal of the new panel and the Finnish Government nominated the panel on 15th of December 2022 for the season 2023-2025. The panelists are representing their own independent expertise, not their background organizations.

The new panel continues the work for sustainability transition.